Business Card



Print / Illustration
Individual Project

About the Project

The main goals of this project were to convey personal identity through design. This project served to teach us how to use effective hierarchy and typography to improve the organization of business cards, as well as use color effectively to emphasize important elements. The constraints were: 3.5 x 2 inches paper, text margin 1/8 inch or larger, elements may bleed. The end product turned out to be a well designed, well organized business card. This piece is directed to managers and recruiters of potential employers.

Project Process

This was my first business card. At the beginning, I knew I wanted a similar design to my resumé. I decided that my logo would go on one side, and all the information on the other. That way, viewers aren’t flipping the card, looking for a particular piece of information.

On the front is my logo. I chose to use the same logo as my resumé, as I had decided after many iterations that that was the logo that best defined me, a software engineer with a great sense of design.

On the back is my information. I decided my name was most important; I wanted viewers to remember me. Directly under that is what I do/want to do for a career. I tracked it out enough so that the mass of letters was readable and not too overwhelming. Not only that, but I also really like how the name and career form a perfect block. Under is some important information. Starting off with the easiest ways to contact me, and then some links to some of my important works. The link to my Github lets viewers see some of my projects, and also review my code. The link to my Wordpress portfolio allows viewers to see what design projects I have done. I decided to follow a similar layout to my resume, with labels in their own column in blue separated by a dark grey bar. I decided to use small caps for labels here, because I felt that the color and the bar already gave a good hierarchy to separate labels from the information and full caps would have given too much emphasis to the labels. I decided on a very dark grey color for the information. At first I tried black, but I felt that it was too much of a difference from the bright blue, and drew attention away from the text in blue. I decided on this particular shade of grey because i felt that it has a good balance with the blue.

With that covers the reasoning behind my design decisions for my business card. The end product: an elegant, useful business card with all the information one could need.


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